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5 Reasons Why Dating is Just Like Buying a House 🏠

A comparison I've used often over the years with buyers is comparing dating to home buying.

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Here are my 5 reasons why:

  1. TECHNOLOGY - Everyone is "shopping" on their phones or computers. Clicking, scrolling, reading descriptions, whether it's looking at house pictures or online dating profiles. We've all been there when the person or home you're looking at looks perfect in photos, but not quite the same in real life. Either way, when you're meeting him, her, or the house for the first time, we're going to keep our expectations a little bit lower, but hope for the best!

  2. FLAWS - You go on a bunch of amazing dates. You find the perfect house. You feel euphoric! You can't believe how lucky you are, and then one Tuesday night while your Netflix-ing with your one and only he says or does something that gives you pause and you think, "That's not ideal, but I can live with that." Or maybe something big happens that's a real deal breaker. Maybe you want kids and he doesn't. Maybe he wants to buy two parrots and walk around town with them and that's just not your thing or the worst - he's not a Tampa Bay Lightning fan! Whatever your deal breaker is, it is just that a - deal breaker. Now there is a similar moment when you're buying a house where you realize the house that you're buying isn't perfect and that is called INSPECTION DAY. That's the day that you pay somebody to tell you all the things wrong with the house that you have fallen in love with. There will be small repairs that you can fix after closing or the seller can fix before that you can totally live with. At least you found out those deal breakers sooner rather than later and saved yourself a really expensive mistake.

  3. THE RIGHT FIT - You're getting so frustrated! You've seen 50 houses, or you've been on 50 dates in the last six months. Your lease is almost over and your paid upgrade on Bumble is about to expire. Either way, you're tired and getting more and more frustrated by the day. All of the sudden the men, women, and houses that you wouldn't have swiped right or clicked on before start looking like amazing possibilities. Hopefully, this is when a friend or a friendly real estate agent steps in and reminds you that settling is not the best option. So many times, I see home buyers that are getting a little desperate stand in the middle of a house and try to make that house work for them - that's never the right idea. It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Even if it takes longer than you expected, in the end, finding the right house or the right person to date should actually be a really easy decision. It should be a no-brainer because you love it or them that much.

  4. APPROVAL - In home buying and in dating there are people just outside of your happy bubble waiting to give or not give their approval. If you're getting a home loan, the person whose approval means by far the most is the lender. Think of the lender as your boyfriend or girlfriend's best friend, mother, sister, and dog rolled into one person. That's how important their approval is. Now, your potential boyfriend's mom isn't going to need to take a microscope to your entire financial picture, but your lender is and you're going to happily let him or her do it because they're the person that's going to give you the money to buy the house that you love. Just like you're gonna laugh at his dad's jokes and answer all of his sister's questions and pet his dog as if it's the best dog that you've ever met in your entire life. Approval is very important in both scenarios.

  5. THE PRETTY FACE - Now, builders figured out a long time ago that if they build a model home, deck it out with the latest trends, furnish it with beautiful furniture that's never been sat on by a Labrador or a kid with maple syrup on her fingers - that buyers would fall in love. The same is true with dating - find someone online that looks like a supermodel and I bet they're getting a lot of right swipes. But as we all know, what we see on the outside doesn't always match what's on the inside. Even though I love new construction, that perfect new kitchen might not be the right fit for you. Maybe it makes your commute 20 minutes longer or takes you out of the school zone that you really want, or it's just not built as well as some of the older homes in a different area. What if that pretty face across from you at dinner doesn't make you laugh or texts you all the time using bad grammar. Sometimes we have to look past the pretty face or the pretty kitchen and look at the options that have tremendous potential. Decorating trends go out of style, people age. but if you love the bones of your house or you love who the person is that you're with - none of that will matter

I wish you the very best both in home and love searching!

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