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How to Pronounce Tampa Bay Area Places

There are some names of cities and places around the Tampa Bay area that are just really difficult to pronounce. Some are long and complicated. So here are a few of the trickiest and how to say the names just like a local.

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Lutz <loots>

St. Pete - some folks use the wrong abbreviation for St. Petersburg and refer to it as "St. Petes"

Ybor City <Ee-bore>

Dunedin <done-EE-din>

Thonotosassa <Tho-no-ta-SASS-a>

Wimauma <WHY-mama>

Kissimmee <Ka-SIM-mee>

Masaryktown <muh-ZER-ick-town>

Homosassa <HOME-uh-SASS-uh>

Weeki Wachee <WEE-key WATCH-ee>

Amalie Arena (rhymes with family)



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